Step right up for excitement and danger!

Sword Swallowing! Glass Walking! Escapes! Gross Stuff! Shocking and Amazing! Feats for the Scientifically curious and those with an expansive will to be weird! Thrill seekers and lovers of the unique will adore this truly one of a kind art form. See it now before the last sideshows of the world vanish! We bring the Sideshow to your St. Louis event!


Every great circus has a sideshow, Circus Kaput's is one of the world's best! Perfect for strolling or as a show. Great for Evening Gatherings, Private Parties, Night Clubs, Halloween, the Feast of St. Walpurga or any kind of special event for which the guests are excited by the extremely unusual performed with class.

These fantastic oddballs have even performed for Ripley's Believe It Or Not!

Circus Kaput Sideshow Performers will freak out your audience with their bizarre skills. They will perform stunts that are real, no tricks and certainly nothing up their sleeves. So make sure to tell us the level of gross your crowd can stomach because if you want it, it can get pretty shocking.

Types of skills our Sideshow Entertainers perform:

  • Sword Swallowing - We have the only real Sword Swallower in the state of Missouri
  • The Traveling Bean - A bean enters the mouth and exits…get your head out of the gutter...You will have to see the show to find out where it exists…
  • Bed of Nails - The guest of honor gets to drop a bowling ball on the stomach while the performer lays on the bed or a stand on top for a photo op!
  • Fire Eating/Breathing
  • Human Blockhead - Things in the nose…and out the mouth…and even things hung from the nose…
  • Insectivore - When eating bugs, it is always polite to share. Guests can safely partake
  • Straitjacket Escape - Performer escapes from a genuine hospital straitjacket in less than a minute
  • The Rusty Trap - A daring performer with super strong bones, proves their mettle with an old Victory Trap
  • Glass Pedicure and Facial - Broken glass has never been so much fun, or exfoliating!
  • Much, much more!

We don't just offer Sideshow performers, we have a full menagerie of wonders!

Professor Barnaby Diddleum's Menagerie features:

  • Shrunken Heads
  • The original FeeJee Mermaid
  • The only Half-Man Mummy
  • The Cursed Monkey Paw that inspired the story by W. W. Jacobs
  • Pieces of the Roswell UFO Crash
  • The vertebrae of a Man Eating Lion
  • Van Gogh's missing ear
  • The Skeleton of an Irish Fairy
  • And other weird effects from Prof Barnaby's travels!

Our Sideshow Performers will provide stunning and bizarre entertainment for Sweet 16's, Quinceanera's, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Birthday Parties, Corporate Parties, Small and Large Weddings, Holiday Parties, Anniversaries, Theme Parties, School Functions, Block Party or any other type of St. Louis event you would like the guests to be shocked and amazed!

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