magician for events


Looking to make your event magical?
Circus Kaput has a wide variety of magic performers whose style and tricks will fit your event type or theme! We provide the best in edgy, safe and clean entertainment to make your party or event hilarious, fun and amazing!

animal balloon twisting for events

Balloon Twisters

Circus Kaput is your source for fun balloons at your party or event!
Balloons make every event entertaining and fun! Our balloon twisters and balloon artists make all kinds of fun shapes for all ages. We can create balloon animals, perform hilarious balloon shows and more!!

face painting

Face Painters

Amazing colorful faces add a lively atmosphere to your event.
Circus Kaput is proud to have the best face painters, glitter tattoo artists and henna tattoo artists around. Face Painters are ideal for any kind of event because it has become so popular it's practically expected at events such as birthday parties, festivals, or holiday events. We bring colorful boards or books with many designs to choose from.

contact juggling


How many jugglers does it take to change a light bulb? None, just juggle torches.
Object manipulation - circus style! Our sensational performers juggle balls and clubs, and they can perform solo or in teams. Jugglers are great as strolling entertainers or for a show.

stilt walker entertainment

Stilt Walkers

We have the tallest and most engaging stilt walking entertainers around!
Stilted performers take your event to the next level. Always a great photo op. Circus Kaput features a wide variety of stilt walker themes to choose from. You can also choose a tall stilt walker, four legged or jumping stilt walker.

silhouette caricature artist

Artistic Takeaways

Caricatures, portraits, or silhouettes to commemorate your occasion!
Everyone loves to have something to take home from the event. An impression of your guest as a caricature, portrait or silhouette cut out will be something that lasts for years to come and reminds them of your special day. With our large number of artists we can fill any event size!

fortune teller for events

Fortune Tellers

Looking into your future, we see exciting fortune tellers at your event!
Circus Kaput fortune tellers do palm reading, numerology, tarot, rune stones, crystal ball readings, dream analysis and also comedy fortune telling! Let us know if you have a preference for the style of readings you'd like to have done.

silver woman living statue

Living Statues

We have the widest variety of Living Statue Performers and the ability to make custom characters just for you!
Living statues add an ambiance that will surprise and entertain your guests. People will be wondering "Is it a statue, or is it real?" Until the statue moves when they least expect it!

airbrush artist

Airbrush Tattoos

Airbrush Tattoos Are Fun!
Airbrush Tattoos are one of today's hottest trends. They look and feel like the real thing! Temporary airbrush tattoos are so popular because of it's appeal not only to young kids, but teens and adults as well. Circus Kaput airbrush tattoos are waterproof and last 5-7 days. Tattoos are best for arms, shoulders, ankle or leg. Best for ages 5 and up!

colorful strolling table

Strolling Tables

Add elegance or whimsy to your event with interactive strolling tables.
You've seen the rest, now here's the best! Our tables feature live skilled performers, not just pretty faces. We engage your guests in a one-card tarot reading, a magic trick, a game of blackjack or other surprising activity.

henna tattoo

Henna, Glitter Tattoos and Body Art

Henna, Glitter Tattoos and More!
At Circus Kaput, we specialize in body art such as henna tattoos, glitter tattoos, and body painting. We are well versed and educated in the latest techniques, equipment and products to give your guests unforgettable designs that will last a long time.

aerial silks show

Aerialists - Silks, Trapeze, Lyra

Aerialists are a wonder to behold with beautiful and breathtaking aerial artistry!
Our versatile aerialists offer unique entertainment and can perform using a range of apparatus, including trapeze, silks and hoops.

unicycle entertainment


Unicyclists bring a sense of carnival fun to every event!
Our talented unicycle performers can ride all types of unicycles from short to tall, backwards, in circles, jump rope, up steps and more all while keeping their balance.

winter character performer

Theme Performers

Let us transport your guests to another time and place with interactive characters.
Our theme performers will mingle with your guests, all the while in character, entertaining and delighting the crowd. Most of our theme performers have been specific to the event's motif.

st patricks day character performer

Holiday Performers

Frolic through the festivities with performers who are patriotic, lucky, jolly, creepy and above all talented!
Seasonal performers have all kinds of skills, as they perform in character as your favorite holiday heroes.

mime street performer


Quiet performers who bring loud laughs!
Circus Kaput Mime Artists are a perfect choice of unobtrusive entertainment at private parties as they ensure that your guests have a great time without making them feel uncomfortable! Either as solo mime artists or as a group, they will be the highlight of your event.

Josh Routh Hypnotist

Stage Hypnotist

Circus Kaput's "Hypnosis Comedy Show" is a safe and hugely popular entertainment option for your large event!
Have a large, fun group looking to be mesmerized with laughter? Our hypnotists will be the hit of your next event. Your attendees will be talking about this clean, safe and hilarious show for years. Perfect for grad nights, post proms, college events and company parties.

fortune teller for events

Street Performers

Street art that you control and we manage, so there are no surprises in logistics. Better than buskers!
We all love the wild street entertainment international cities have, so what about here in the Midwest? We'll recreate a street performance atmosphere, with all the safety, security and logistics that need to be part of your event.

sideshow performer


Step right up for excitement and danger!
Sword Swallowing! Glass Walking! Escapes! Gross Stuff! Shocking and Amazing! Feats for the Scientifically curious and those with an expansive will to be weird! Thrillseekers and lovers of the unique will adore this truly one of a kind art form. See it now before the last sideshows of the world vanish! We bring the Sideshow to you!

fire breathing performer

Fire Performers

Have A Blast At Your Next Event!
Light up your night with Fire Performers from Circus Kaput! We have the best Fire Jugglers, Fire Eaters, Fire Hoop and Fire Dancers. Fire is a great entertainment option as meet and greet entertainment; it creates an initial high impact launch for your event. Circus Kaput also offers choreographed fire shows. Fire is best performed OUTDOORS depending on the equipment we use and the space provided. Our vast selection of different fire equipment ensures we have acts suitable for every possible occasion.

floating genie for events

Floating Characters

The levitating statue is a staple of Europe - now available here in the Midwest!
Commonly seen in Europe, St. Louis now has our own floating character. Often referred to as a levitating statue, this feat of entertainment is a live performer who sits peacefully suspended several feet above the ground.

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