Featured Acts

Oh My Gosh Josh

A fool of all trades!
Oh My Gosh Josh's shows are perfect for adult audiences, children or mixed groups. Classic comedy paired with amazing stunts makes his shows a rare treat. Audience participation is part of the fun, along with Josh's special brand of wild humor and charm.

Elliot the Entertainer

Let Elliot entertain you!
Elliot is hands down the best fire performer in the area. He also walks stilts, unicycles, juggles and performs incredible magic! He is a delight to audiences both young and old. His performance is perfect for your special occasion.

Christian the Magician

Energetic physical comedy!
Juggling and mind-bending illusions that will have your audience doing double-takes!  While they won’t soon forget his incredible skills and talent, it’s his over-the-top personality that will engage their attention and laughter from start to finish.

The Brothers Kaputnik

Daring comedy and circus stunts performed with brotherly love.
The Brothers Kaputnik is a comedy circus stunt show that involves audience participation and interaction. The Brothers can perform as roving entertainment or a stage show, whatever fits best with your event. You won't find a two man circus like this any place else!

Razzle and Dazzle

Get Razzled And Dazzled By this Girl Duo
These two comedy magicians will charm their way into your heart! Despite a lot of disagreeing, they will show you how they can juggle, do magic tricks and make you laugh. Audience participation is a big part of the Razzle & Dazzle show, so be sure you are on your best behavior to be chosen to come up on stage!

Mental Mayhem Show

Mind reading, stunts, comedy, audience participation and more!

With his own special blend of magic and humor, entertainer extraordinaire Joshua Routh presents a night of stunning stunts, reality shattering mind reading and hilarious antics. The Mental Mayhem Show is a show that incorporates mind reading, sideshow and comedy in a lively show. It's concept is edgy, unique, and very funny.

The Big Circus

Step right up, be amazed, be enchanted, be mystified, be amused by the Big Circus!
Circus Kaput promises to bring the circus to you, this is the show to hire if you want the whole enchilada. Acrobats, jugglers, comedy and aerial delights are all part of the Big Circus. This is a rehearsed act to act stage show complete with Ringmaster, ready to entertain at your special event.

Gracie 1

Gracie Fantastic

A refreshing entertainer, Gracie keeps it classic! Her sparkling personality and silly tricks will warm your heart and keep you giggling like a kid, no matter what your age.

Capriccio 1


Here comes Capriccio! He’s a musical, magical virtuoso. He’s the pied piper of fun. Kids will follow him anywhere!

Jesster 1


With her sassy, spunky spirit, Jesster brings her silly stories to life! She will take you on a wild ride complete with magic, juggling, tales of fantastical kingdoms – and best of all, you’re the star of the show.

Sammy J

Sammy J and the Super-Duper Totally Excellent Balloon Variety Show
(And Big Balloon Hat Party)

Sammy J is a master of balloons and puns alike! His show is a hit with schools, birthday parties, and senior groups. Your audience will love seeing crazy balloon sculptures made right before their eyes and unexpected magic tricks done with audience participation.

The Magic of Leland and Whiskers

Everyone needs a friend who's all ears! Let Leland bring his to your party.
Let Leland and Whiskers come entertain your group with wonderful wacky puns and fun magic tricks. This incredible show is especially delightful for young children, but adults will be in the back grabbing pictures of the funny moments that happen every time Leland brings up an audience member to help in the show.

Mighty Daniel

Big things come in small packages.
Standing at just over four feet tall, Mighty Daniel brings a big presence to your event. He brightens the room with a smile and a joke or two, and everyone wants their picture taken with him. Mighty Daniel is a roving entertainer as a costumed character, and his costume can be customized to match your theme.

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