Kids Crafts

Crafts are a great event takeaway and allow kids to be creative!

Adding a do-it-yourself craft is a great way to keep party-goers entertained while being creative in making something their own. Children love to craft! And with the help of our team members, get to feel proud of the work they accomplished and get to share.


Kids crafts not only lets children explore and create something new, but it also adds a personalized touch to your event. Does your party have a theme? We can create something custom to your event that guests can take home or share as a gift. There are many different types of crafts available to do based upon your special event, and Circus Kaput takes pride in being able to add another fun feature to help personalize your event's entertainment.

Choose from crafts such as:

  • Paint a flower pot
  • Paint a pumpkin
  • Make a scarecrow magnet
  • Tissue paper flowers
  • Make pencil cases
  • Mask making
  • Make your own juggling balls

And much, much more!

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