Henna, Glitter Tattoos and Body Art

Henna, Glitter Tattoos and More!

At Circus Kaput, we specialize in body art such as henna tattoos, glitter tattoos, and body painting. We are well versed and educated in the latest techniques, equipment and products to give your guests unforgettable designs that will last a long time. See what we can offer for your next St. Louis event!


Henna Tattoos

Henna tattoos are a safe and easy way for your guests to achieve a fashion-forward, exotic look without the pain or commitment an ink tattoo requires. Popular with teens and adults alike, these beautiful designs sometimes last for weeks, depending on skin type. We can do 12-15 tattoo designs per hour. We do designs on arms, legs, hands, feet, back or shoulder!

The henna used for tattoo art is a powder derived from a plant which contains natural dyes that organically stain the skin an orange to deep reddish-brown color. Through the ages, henna has been used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes in Ancient Egypt, parts of North Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, and South Asia.

Glitter Tattoos

We also are pleased to offer glitter tattoos! Glitter tattoos last a week or more. There's no smearing or smudging. They are waterproof so keep these in mind for pool parties! The sparkle and shimmer really compliments and enhances the festive vibe of any celebration, party and event. This activity is designed to appeal to everyone, kids, teens, adults, both male and female alike!

Imagine over fifty fabulous eclectic design options for your guests delight. Once the stencil is selected, talented artists paint on a gentle non-toxic, cosmetic grade latex-free liquid adhesive, made for use on the skin. Then we add the glitter! Great for black light parties, we have UV glow-in-the-dark shades in addition to every color of the rainbow. The completed work-of-art produces an extraordinary multi-colored faceted, eye-catching design with crisp, precise edges.

Body Painting

Painted people! Body painting shifts our vision. It allows for the imagination and creativity of your event to come forward in human form. We work with a wonderful array of male and female models who are used to being painted and can engage guests as whatever character they are being made into.

We view the body as a landscape, telling stories and communicating ideas and themes. At some events the body painting itself is part of the entertainment. Guests love to watch and get pictures of the process. Painted models can walk around and interact and get pictures with your guests.

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