Salto: A show with acrobatics, escapes and comedy – he takes you on an action-packed adventure!


Inspired by Harry Houdini, Salto pays homage to the escapes and stunts that are classics of variety entertainment, plus some of his own concoctions! His solo show incorporates back flips and handstands, mixed with escapes and witty banter. He surprises the crowd with sly moves and sleight of hand. The level of fitness and agility he maintains to perform is an inspiration, especially to kids. He’s a fitness freak and has the energy of a team of horses. Book Salto if you want to knock their socks off!

Salto has always been a bit of a daredevil. He started gymnastics when he was 3 years old. The risk taker that Salto is, he traveled as a competitive gymnast in his youth. In High School, he became an elite diver and is the holder of many diving records in his league. After graduation, Salto took his unique skillset to circus and performing. Salto is an established juggler, unicyclist, fire performer and balloon artist and has a featured role in the Brothers Kaputnik teeter board show where shows off his high-flying talents.

Always looking for the next hardest act, Salto learned to breathe, eat and juggle fire. One of his favorite memories is blowing fire near the St. Louis Wheel in front of a mass of families who cheered at the thrill of the show. Salto is now starting his own solo show which will showcase a few escaping feats mixed in with his already stacked hand of skills.

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