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Entertainment for seniors that will bring both laughter and memories.

Circus Kaput brings back the Golden Age of Radio with a live theatrical production of an 1940s era radio program! Anyone who remembers comedy radio like the Jack Benny Program or Fibber McGee and Molly will love this performance, complete with period costumes and sound effects produced the old fashioned way.


Remember Radio is a theatrical performance that pays tribute to the Golden Age of Radio. In the 1930s and 40s, people listened to radio the way we watch television today. There were radio dramas, comedies, entertaining commercials, thrillers and serial shows that kept people coming back each week to find out what happened. If you chat with a senior today, they can almost always recall fond memories of listening to shows like Burns and Allen, Lux Radio Theatre, or the Great Gildersleeve. Our actors bring it all back onstage in full 1940s apparel, complete with the commercials and sound effects.

The Remember Radio performance includes three costume actors and a sound system. We act out the play as if in an old time radio studio, sharing one microphone very similar to the way they did it back in the Golden Age of Radio. We produce sound effects with unexpected bells, whistles, and activities that make the sounds needed to enhance the play. We also play some of the original old time radio commercials through our sound system.

Remember Radio has been greeted with enthusiasm by many seniors around the St. Louis area. After the play our actors go out into the audience and say hello. Audience members love to share with us what they liked and remembered, and we always learn something from the information they give us. There is a special connection between the Circus Kaput team and the fans of radio broadcasts from the 30s and 40s as we share that love for the Golden Age of Radio!

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