Paint Pour

Watch the artist at work and let guests join in the creation!

Looking for a unique twist on artistic entertainment? Or an unusual way to raise funds? Have Circus Kaput do a paint pour at your event. Our talented artist creates a large painting live by pouring paint onto a canvas. If desired, guests can join in or even offer a donation to join in. At the end you can give away or auction the piece.


Circus Kaput specializes in live interactive art creation called a Paint Pour. We require a 20 foot by 20-foot area where we set up a canvas and nearly one hundred small cups of latex paint. What happens next is performance art all by itself: our artist pours the paint strategically onto the canvas, creating a gorgeous piece of colorful abstract art. At fundraising events, this is an opportunity for patrons to purchase a cup of paint and pour it onto the canvas themselves. At the end of the performance, which takes two to three hours, the piece can be auctioned off and proceeds can go to the fundraiser.

Paint pours have caught on around the country as a performance as well as a way to produce an original piece of art to be owned or sold by the event client. This is a great way to get people talking and mingling, especially lovers of art and culture. Please note the piece takes a full 24 hours to dry.

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