Ozum means “my true self.”  This zany jokester is always his true self, and he makes sure you can be yours, too!  Sincerity is at the heart of Ozum’s style and the kids will have a great time keeping up with the lively antics he brings to the party.


Circus Kaput’s newest entertainer is the extraordinary Ozum!  You might be wondering, what does “Ozum” mean?  It means “my true self” in multiple languages – and that’s exactly who you’ll get at your party.  An authentic individual who is wacky and fun with a big heart, who exemplifies respect for others and having a good time!  That’s Ozum!

We call him Oz for short, and you’ve got to stay alert to keep up with his fast-paced, energetic chatter.  Kids will love laughing at his zany tricks and jokes.  You never know what he’s going to do next!  He’ll pull all kinds of things out of his red hat, his alligator puppet Antonio might start singing, and next thing you know Oz is juggling scarves and getting the audience to play along.  His jumpy, high octane performance is made even more captivating by the fact that he stands almost seven feet tall.

Originally from a town called Trenton in Tennessee, Oz started performing at the age of four in a theatrical production of The Wizard of Oz.  He continued his acting career into adulthood, joining various theatre groups and performing in hundreds of plays over the years.  This guy has played trees in multiple theatre productions – yes, I said trees!  Did I mention he’s almost seven feet tall?


This show is brand new content to the St. Louis region.  Have the children in your group seen everything?  Not The Ozum Show, they haven’t!  This blink-and-you’ll-miss-it wild and wacky show will command everyone’s attention from the word go.  The show includes magic, a little big of juggling, a lot of audience participation, zany jokes, flippy quips and most of all, a lot of heart.  Oz’s wise-cracking comments sometimes come out of left-field, but are always sweet, family-friendly, and really funny. Oz believes that everyone is deserving of love and respect, and it’s a big part of his show, which makes kids adore him!


Fill out the form on our website and let us know your date and details of your St. Louis event.  What do we need from you to prepare for the show?  Just turn off all the low ceiling fans and keep the show away from the china cabinet.  Did we mention he’s almost seven feet tall?

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