Mister Dan

Capriccio means a piece of music – each one of his acts is perfectly orchestrated!


Experience the art, style and skill of one of the area’s finest performers: Mister Dan! He’s musical, he’s magical, he’s snazzy and jazzy! Throughout his show, there is comedy, magic, music and audience participation! He got his nickname making up short silly songs – which you’ll get to hear during the show! Not only is he musical, but he’s agile – he rides a unicycle, juggles and can make just about anything disappear.

Mister Dan was the first of his friend group to join the circus. He went to circus camp as a child, told his friends how much fun it was, and they were there the next day. Mister Dan enjoys doing tricks on his scooter and hanging out with friends. Most of the time they see who can juggle the longest or who can do the coolest trick on their unicycle. He has a passion for music and has even released a few mix tapes of his own. He is well versed in multiple musical instruments just as he is well versed poetically.

Mister Dan has been Circus Kaput’s lead poet for a new style of entertainment called Typewriter Poet. “Give A Topic, Receive A Poem” Mister Dan is using his music passion and blending it into his circus passion with Typewriter Poets and as he starts his very own solo performances. He is also an excellent themed stilt performer and leads many interactive workshops along with being an advanced balloon artist and unicyclist.

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