Maestro is a magician who mixes classic with contemporary and vintage with versatility.  Your audience will be mesmerized by his award-winning sleight of hand and illusions.  But what they will remember most is his sparkle and wit, and how it made them feel the magic.


Remember when rabbits popped out of top hats and coins could be plucked from your ears?  Maestro brings a modern twist to the classics, creating magical memories for your gathering. Lots of people can do tricks, but Maestro’s command of the art, combined with his dynamic presence and nod to vintage magic will steal your heart.

Maestro provides unique performances of close-up magic as well as stage performances, featuring many one of a kind magic effects created by Maestro himself. Customized effects are no problem for him, just let us know if you have a goal in mind – such as revealing an item or even a person as a surprise to your guests!  A great choice for all audiences, Maestro is family friendly but still brings a savvy style that impresses adults.  Maestro brings back the nostalgia for that wonderful time in your life when magic was real.


Maestro is a pro at both walk around magic and shows.  When performing as a strolling magician, he’ll go from group to group, involving your patrons in a magical experience.  His friendly manner is just a little bit formal, recalling the magicians of Houdini’s time.  The environment created by Maestro is warm, friendly, casual, and interactive.  He brings lots of fun, but never at the expense of any member of our audience.  You'll enjoy humorous situations that emerge as Maestro interacts with your audience to create shared moments.  It's taken thousands of hours of performing over years to bring the style and quality that comes with Maestro’s walk-around magic.  We’re sure that this will prove to be a comfortable and memorable experience for all.


Maestro’s family show was created specifically for those occasions where both children and adults are to be entertained.  There's something for everybody and all age groups in this very special program.  Even though some effects have been selected specifically to capture the interest of the youngest members of the audience, the adults will enjoy them as well.  Maestro brings a classy style that has been lost to previous decades, a vintage look and feel with a modern twist that feels hip and fresh.

Most folks find it irresistible to participate, even if it's only from the comfort of their seat in the audience.  If you were to look around during one of these performances, you would very likely find many of your neighbors suggesting possible solutions for some of the tricks, or offering their favorite magical words, or using their hands to cast a magic spell.  People get swept away in the fantasy.


Booking Maestro is easy, just fill out the form on the website with as much information as you know about your St. Louis event.  We will get in touch with you and answer all your questions.  Maestro is always busy creating and performing, so please plan well in advance if seeking an appearance from this gem of a local entertainer.

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231-F Chesterfield Center
Chesterfield MO 63017

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