Living Statues

We have the widest variety of Living Statue Performers and the ability to make custom characters just for you!

Living statues add an ambiance that will surprise and entertain your guests. People will be wondering "Is it a statue, or is it real?" Until the statue moves when they least expect it!


Statue Performers add living color to any St. Louis event. They are highly visible and lots of fun for any crowd. They are available in two main styles:

  • Mannequin - In a full body suit that covers all features with a costume on top of the suit.
  • Painted - Costume, skin and hair are all painted the same color.


  • Our living statues come in any one of our many costume choices or in a custom costume for your event! Below are a few of our existing statue characters to choose from. If you don't see something you are interested in or have a custom idea, contact us!


  • Male Standard - Solid color - gold, silver, black or white classy outfit consisting of collared shirt, hat, tie, sunglasses, vest and pants.
  • Female Standard - Solid color - gold, silver, black or white classy outfit consisting of a dress, wig (or headdress), sunglasses, and jewelry.
  • Tuxedo - Black or white tux with top hat, tails and gloves.

Theme Characters:

  • Baseball Player - this golden posed player comes complete with full baseball player outfit and bat.
  • Greek Gods/Goddess - Posed in classic Greek style we can provide Medusa, Zeus, Poseidon, Hermes or any other character from mythology - Painted white wearing a toga.
  • Mad Scientist - A golden/bronze painted statue in a lab coat with mustache and wig holding a beaker.
  • Copper Cowboy - Cowboy hat, duster, chaps, boots plus trick rope frozen in time
  • Buddha - A golden Buddha who sits in a lotus position holding a plate of fortune cookies.


  • Newspaper Man - A newsprint style painted performer wearing a suit, tie and hat made from newspapers.
  • Stilt Statue - Takes Statue to the next level - solid silver, white or black costume, 2 or 4 legged stilts.
  • Rainbow People - A crowd of several statue characters in multicolored costumes (mannequin style) able to interact together and with guests.

Floating Statues

  • These characters are super impressive as they defy the laws of physics. Available as a Genie, Grim Reaper, Fairy and much more.  For more info see our page on Floating Characters.

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