Floating Characters

The levitating statue is a staple of Europe - now available here in the Midwest!

Commonly seen in Europe, St. Louis now has our own floating character. Often referred to as a levitating statue, this feat of entertainment is a live performer who sits peacefully suspended several feet above the ground.


In the European tradition of levitating statues, the floating character is a costumed or painted live performer who appears to be suspended in the air.  Part performance, part illusion, this form of entertainment has not been seen very much by Midwesterners.  You can be the first to provide your guests with this fun and head-scratching experience, something they'll be talking about long after the event has ended.

Floating Performer options include:

  • Floating Fairy
  • Levitating Genie
  • Hovering Grim Reaper
  • High Hippie

Customized appearances are available for an additional fee.  Guests are welcome to get a picture with the Floating Performer.  Requires a 10 foot by 10 foot space.  Performer can be placed on the ground or elevated platform.   People can roam all the way around the Floating Performer from all sides and the back.

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