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Light up your night with Fire Performers from Circus Kaput! We have the best Fire Jugglers, Fire Eaters, Fire Hoop and Fire Dancers. We also have amazing high-energy fire acts and shows. Fire is a great entertainment option for meet and greet entertainment as it creates an initial high impact launch for your event; Circus Kaput also offers a choreographed fire show. Fire performances are best for OUTDOORS depending on the equipment we use and the space provided. Our vast selection of different fire equipment ensures we have acts suitable for every occasion in the Greater St. Louis Area and beyond!


Circus Kaput Fire Performers light up the night and make your event stand out! Want to make sure people are talking about your St. Louis event for days to come? Fire performance is for you. Our professional fire performers are guaranteed to leave your guests breathless. Circus Kaput's dedicated team of fire artists are among the finest in the country in both technical skill and performance ability.

Fire is best performed outside, and we have a range of options to suit all types of event and performance space. Whether you're after a single fire eater or a whole team of fire dancers for your St. Louis event, you're in the right place.

Ambient Fire Performers

Want for a creative way to welcome your guests? Or alternatively a unique backdrop to your night? Our ambient fire performers are a great way to offer the unique thrill of fire performance without having a formal show. As ambient performance is less strenuous than a choreographed fire dance, we generally do many sets within a night. Our artists are all multi-skilled and will bring elements of fire eating, fire breathing, and fire dancing to your night.

Fire Shows

Circus Kaput Fire Shows are a great centerpiece for your night!  We recommend one of our fully choreographed fire displays. We offer fire shows ranging in size from one to multiple performers and ranging in length from 5 to 30 minutes.

Small events might, for instance, want a solo or duo performance with elements of audience interaction and comedy, or alternatively just a single 5-minute fire dancer act for maximum impact.

For larger events our fully choreographed fire shows are a perfect choice, utilizing up to 6 performers and multiple fire acts and skills, including fire eaters, fire jugglers, and fire dancers. Our shows generally last between 5 and 30 minutes.
If your event is large, we can supply multiple fire performers.


At Circus Kaput we take safety very seriously with all of our performances, and fire is certainly no exception. We work hard to make it look a lot more dangerous than it is, but we understand that as a client looking to hire a fire performer it is easy to have trepidation. This is why we always provide a risk assessment for every event detailing all the safety measures we take. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Always fully testing the props used for every performance to ensure they are sturdy and free from defect.
  • Only using what we consider to be safe fuels for fire performing.
  • Ensuring there is sufficient space between our performers and anybody or anything that may be at risk from our performance (our guideline distance is 3m).
  • Properly removing excess fuel from all props prior to a performance.
  • Only using highly trained professionals with years of experience in both their skill and live performance.
  • Thoroughly checking a performance space to ensure there is no danger to our performers or the public.

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