Cotton Candy

It's fun to eat, even funnier to make and brings a smile to everyone's face.

Cotton candy is the go-to crowd pleaser when it comes to fun food features to have at an event. Whether it's the sweet treat itself or the experience of having your very own cone filled before your eyes, everyone is sure to enjoy a small taste of the favorite childhood treat.


Cotton Candy has always been the highlight amongst children growing up. Remember all of the times you were a kid and dreamed for a fluffy pink cloud of sweetness. The addition of a Cotton Candy machine and vendor not only adds a sweet treat for your guests but will also help elevate the experience to something out of your childhood.

Our event team members are all well trained on how to operate the candy machine and serve the treat individually to each party-goer, making the experience extra sweet. We also have custom cotton candy characters who carry a "tree" of cotton candy bags for people to take.  Or the trees can be displayed on a table or other area to be edible decor!

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Copyright © Circus Kaput St. Louis, Missouri 314-803-2503 All rights reserved.

Copyright © Circus Kaput St. Louis, Missouri 314-803-2503 All rights reserved.  


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