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Airbrush Tattoos Are Fun!

Airbrush Tattoos for St. Louis events are one of today's hottest trends. They look and feel like the real thing! Temporary airbrush tattoos are so popular because of it's appeal not only to young kids, but teens and adults as well. Circus Kaput airbrush tattoos are waterproof and last 5-7 days. Tattoos are best for arms, shoulders, ankle or leg - we do not put them on faces. Best for ages 5 and up!


Here's a great idea for your next event - temporary tattoos that last 5-7 days and are waterproof! The tattoo industry has become so popular that all ages want to get in on it! Today's generations are more than three times as likely to have tattoos or try one as their predecessors. But not everyone wants or can take the pain and commitment. Not to mention those under 18 can't even get one legally.

Enter airbrush temporary tattoos! They look great and last 5-7days. Now you can offer your guests something fun, painless, trendy, and removable with airbrush tattoos from Circus Kaput.

Children, teenagers, business professionals and 90% of the adult population share the same secret: they don't have a real tattoo but will not hesitate to try a temporary one. Help your guests express themselves with temporary airbrushed tattoos that are glamorous and fun! Temporary airbrushed tattoos and airbrushed face art are incredibly popular and add memorable moments to any event or party. Airbrushed tattoos and faces are a hit with boys and girls, teens, and adults.

Our Airbrush Tattoos look realistic! The colors and shapes of airbrush tattoos are the most realistic form of temporary body art available next to the real thing. They are fun and painless, and are now becoming a fashion statement where people express their individualities in a more contemporary way.

But don't worry, Airbrush Tattoos are not permanent!  We use alcohol based makeup that is applied to the skin using stencils. It takes only a few minutes to apply and dries immediately. Airbrush tattoos can be applied to your arm, ankle, wrist, hand, back, shoulder, or leg. It's painless and affordable. They're also non-toxic, waterproof, and easy to clean off with baby oil or alcohol.

We have many designs to choose from, including:



Tribal designs



Creepy crawlers




And much much more!

Best for ages 5 and up! Great for older kids, teens and adults.

Ask us about custom logo stencils for your company party or marketing event! We can even airbrush a hashtag onto your guests. They will instantly upload pics of your event and hashtag them!

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