This isn't a problem but we encourage you to be aware that you might be required to pre pay for that time before the performer can comply. Also many of our performers and offerings may be expected at another event after yours and therefore can only stay late at their discretion. Here is the legalese from our contract:

Starting Late: If Client asks Talent to start later than the contracted time - they are authorized to accommodate the request. However, they may, at their sole discretion, still need to be finished at the same time contracted. Such a truncated performance may affect the quality of the performance.

Ending Late: At the sole discretion of Talent, when requested by Client, Talent may end their performance after the contracted end time with an additional prorated fee (rounded up in increments of 15-minutes, based on total performance fee before any discounts or credits) paid in advance of the request and before any additional performance begins. Talent may not perform after the contracted end time without payment in full for their additional time. All payments must be made payable to Circus Kaput and Circus Kaput must be informed of this additional payment immediately. In this occurrence, please call 314-803-2503 to make a credit card payment.

Talent MAY need access to the performance area at least 30-minutes prior to performance time & 20-minutes after performance time. In the case of a large set up, that time increases. If another group is in the performance area prior to Talent's performance, the other group's ending time may affect Talent's starting time but not their ending time.