We request full payment in advance for any event that is booked less than 14 days before the occasion or if it is a booking that has a fee less than $500. If it is a booking over $500 and more than 14 days before the event we ask for a 50% deposit. These deposits and prepayments can be made via check or credit card. They must be made or we cannot guarantee service.

Here are the payment terms as spelled out in our contract:

All fees must be made payable to Circus Kaput. Talent should never be listed as a payee (unless the payment is meant exclusively as a tip for Talent).

A 50% deposit is required for ALL bookings over $500, unless otherwise negotiated. Circus Kaput must receive the deposit 14 days prior to the event. If the deposit is not paid in full by the due date, Circus Kaput reserves the right to cancel all or part of this Agreement, all or some Talent, and open the date and time subject to this Agreement for other events and Clients. Events under $500 must be paid in full at signing of contract.

The balance of your payment is due immediately upon completion of contracted services. Please present the payment to the Onsite Circus Kaput Point of Contact For Event. Any unpaid balance after the performance date is subject to interest in the amount of 12% per annum and begins accruing the day after the event.

If you enjoy our Talent, please feel free to reward them with gratuity. However, please know that tipping is not required in order to receive the most friendly, timely, & helpful service in the industry & is never "expected" (But always warmly appreciated!).

PLEASE NOTE: Circus Kaput accepts credit cards on all transactions. For payments over $1,000 a 3% processing fee may be applied.

What is your cancellation policy?

Since we ask for deposits and full payment, we have policies regarding reschedules and credits. We know that things happen, schedules change, kids get sick etc. We will try to work with you where we can.

Here is what it says in our contract:

Client's deposit or prepayment guarantees that Circus Kaput will reserve the contracted Talent for the date and time specified in this Agreement. If Client cancels Talent or event for any reason or no reason, or otherwise breaches this Agreement in any way, Client expressly forfeits the entire deposit. Cancellation of the event is a full breach of this Agreement. If Client cancels or breaches within 48-hours of contracted performance time, Client expressly guarantees full payment of the Agreement within 30-days of the event. Any unpaid balance received after 30-days is subject to interest in the amount of 12% per annum and begins accruing the day after the event.

As a courtesy to Client, if Client cancels or breaches before 48-hours of the contracted start date and time, a credit in the amount already paid to Circus Kaput will be applied to Client's account to be used at an event anytime within 6-months of the contracted event date. Credited event must be within 6-months of the cancelled event and specific Talent cannot be guaranteed for rescheduled event. All credited funds not used within 6-months become the sole property of Circus Kaput. Cancellation or breach within 48-hours is not eligible for a credit.

If Circus Kaput cancels or breaches this contract at any time for any reason or no reason, Client is entitled to a refund in the amount relative to the cancellation or breach. Circus Kaput reserves the right to substitute any performer at any time at its sole discretion without the substitution being considered a breach of this contract in whole or in part.