Peter Peculiar

Mad skills you won't soon forget!

This show includes a lots of comedy that will tickle your funny bone, juggling, magic and more! Peter's circus skills are out of this world. Great for family audiences!

Peter Peculiar

Circus Kaput is lucky to represent the intriguing Peter Peculiar! Peter started contact juggling in high school and attended Reed College in Portland specifically for their juggling program. He began travelling and performing from there and has worked for Circus Flora and Circus Smirkus. He attended NECCA Circus School in Vermont and has trained extensively in contact juggling and acrobatics.

Peter’s contact juggling is second to none. It’s fascinating to watch and hypnotizes every viewer. He’s also one of the top fire entertainers in St. Louis. He performs fire poi, juggles fire, and eats fire. He is a master craftsman, making many of his own props and costume elements.

The Peter Peculiar Show

Get ready to laugh and be amazed at the same time. The intriguing Peter Peculiar is silly, whimsical, and has brilliant skills to boot! The show includes juggling, handstands, puppetry and magic. Your audience will not soon forget their experience with the super talented Peter, as more than one person will get to come on stage and help with a trick. Peter is not your every-day performer, he’s wild, wacky, fun – and peculiar!


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